SP 11 - PraTLA
Practical Training in Local Authorities

Results achieved in PraTLA

The PraTLA final brochure is available

in English "PraTLA - Contributions of students of four European countries to boost energy efficiency in communities"

in Deutsch "PraTLA - Beiträge sächsischer Studenten zur Verbesserung der Energie-
effizienz in Kommunen

The brochure presents selected study projects realized during 2010 and 2012, introduces initial situations, challenges, approaches and impressions in the 4 regions and summarizes the opinions of participating municipalities.


What was PraTLA about 

PraTLA’s main objective was to improve local energy efficiency policy through practical trainings in local authorities. PraTLA had identified two target groups for the sub-project:

1) local authority staff that needs assistance and lacks know-how in
the set up and the implementation of local energy efficiency
policy and
2) students and trainers as local energy experts that lack
understanding of administrational structures and decision-making
when energy efficiency solutions for local authorities are being

PraTLA identified specific needs to improve energy efficiency in cities, to find suitable students or trainers as local energy experts and to organise targeted practical trainings within local authorities that provide a benefit for both target groups. These practical trainings were thoroughly prepared in advance by matching competencies of local energy experts (students/trainers) with specific needs of local energy policies. The entire process was embedded in a constant interregional exchange of experience on didactic approaches in educational and training institutes, on the specific needs of local authorities in energy efficiency matters and the practical implementation and impact of the trainings in five European regions with a different regional policy background.

PraTLA was submitted under the sub-project priority 11:
Improving local enery policies - "job shadowing" in local authorities

Overall budget: EUR 214.946,00

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